With a combination of contrasting colors and asymmetrical designs, Alia Khafaga brings us eye-stopping statement jewelry pieces that add flair to whatever outfit they’re matched with. Drawing inspiration from color everywhere and matching her own personality, Khafaga’s creations are vibrant, fresh and full of life, reflective of the passion and  immaculateness that went into their making. They are more than colors and crystals brought together; they’re impeccable innovations whose execution and design take a lot of investment and thought. Alia Khafaga pieces are statements in and of themselves, designed for strong and elegant ladies everywhere. Committed to a belief in uniqueness and the power of standing out, Alia Khafaga makes one of a kind statement necklaces, with no piece repeated.


 Alia Khafaga has the vision of becoming a global luxury design house that caters to a wide array of fashion accessories, in addition to its current jewelry and fine jewelry lines.

 Alia Khafaga started off her jewelry line as an undertaking alongside her day job. Her first collection was a limited one. Launched in October 2012, it quickly sold out, setting the bar high for the competition with its high standard quality. With this introduction, Khafaga’s hobby turned into something a lot bigger. As it grew, so did its demands, and Khafaga found herself making more and more in her life for what had initially been a side project. Her self-titled jewelry line helped her win the Best Egyptian Jewelry designer at the Jumia Fashion Awards in 2014. 

 Success is easy, Khafaga says, but it is maintaining it that is the actual work. Passion is crucial to this maintenance and it is because Khafaga continues to enjoy what she does that her pieces are so special. They simply reflect back the passion and heart put into them. For her, the sketching, coloring and visualizing are all part of making a profession out of what she loves.